Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spice Up Your Sex Life With Cheese

From the Sunday May 11, 2008 edition of the British tabloid, The Sun:

Spice up sex with cheese

CHEESE can boost your sex life, help beat stress and act as a painkiller, experts claimed yesterday.

It contains natural chemical phenylethylamine (PEA) which releases endorphins ? or “happy hormones” ? into the body, says a British Cheese Association study.

Cheese has ten times more PEA than chocolate.

The study says “a matchbox-sized bit of cheese a day helps boost calcium intake and provides happy hormones”.

So, instead of buying your girlfriend Godiva chocolate, how about some lovely Gorgonzola?

The Dangers of Cheese

Cheese is a dangerous business. No, really!
From the BBC:

Dozens hurt in cheese roll race

A man in an Australian flag races down Cooper's Hill during the contest

A teenager who knocked himself out while chasing a Double Gloucester cheese down a hill was among 25 people hurt in a Cheese Rolling competition.

Chris Anderson, 18, won one of the five races which make up the annual contest, in which dozens of people race down a 1:2 gradient hill after a large cheese.

St John Ambulance workers at the race, on Coopers Hill in Brockworth, said two people were taken to hospital.

One spectator was given treatment after being hit by a runaway cheese.

The competition, which is thought to date back hundreds of years, consists of a series of downhill races with the winner of each receiving a seven to eight pound circle of cheese. Runners up get £10 and there is a £5 prize for third place.

Jim Jones, St John Ambulance operations training manager, said 12 spectators and 13 competitors had been injured during the event.

"It was quite a reasonable year, not too bad at all," he said. "We usually average around 30-40 people who need treatment.

"The most serious injuries this year appear to be a dislocated finger and a possible fractured ankle."

Organiser Richard Jefferies said the wet conditions had helped keep the number of injuries down.

"The rain I think actually helped because it meant people were more likely to slip down the slope than go head over heels," he said.